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IT'S EASY! With our DZ Pickle Kit you can have perfect pickles every time!

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Step 1

washed cucumbers

Fill the jar 3/4 of the way with washed cucumbers. Then add smashed garlic, fresh dill, and one bag of DZ Pickles special brine, *pepper .(*Incase you want it spicy)

Step 2

Full of cucumbers

Fill jar with cucumbers until full.

Step 3

Filled Ingredients

Add water until it covers all pickles. Do not over pour.

Step 4

Pickles Ready

Close lid tightly and shake jar 7 times to mix brine and leave it on kitchen counter at room temperature…

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More Pickling Kits for Tomato, Cabbage, Olives, Celery etc… Are in Progress.

If you prefer something special, write or email us. Will be glad to make it.

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